Grad Winter Conference

Friday & Saturday, February 4-5, 2022

Finding God in Your Field

Do you ever feel lost as you seek purpose and passion, in your grad work and in your life as a follower of Jesus? As the world hungers for a connection between purpose and passion, we find the interconnectedness of both in Christ. Start the journey with us to find the connections between your deepest beliefs and your daily work. We'll draw on The Scholar's Compass*, a guide toward thriving as a Christian scholar and impacting the world for good. 

*About The Scholar's Compass: Do you ever feel lost as you try to connect your daily life as a grad student or professor with your faith in Jesus? Scholar's Compass is a guide, a wayfinder that distills years of experience from Christian academics into short reflections to help connect faith and academic life. Our new Scholar's Compass booklet offers crowdsourced insights from one of the largest networks of Christian scholars in the world, tested at IV's Emerging Scholar's Network blog. We've curated a semester's work of weekly readings from the series on themes such as connecting faith and your field, thriving in difficulty, and finding daily flourishing. With elegant design and illustrations crafted by noted liturgical artist Ned Bustard.

Due to the current COVID situation, the Winter Conference will now be held online. God continues to work in digital spaces, so we look forward to our time together. We'll have opportunities to meet and reflect with grad students in our fields from different campuses. Hannah’s presentations will be the basis for developing practical ways to integrate our faith with our fields of study or professions. Please invite your friends! Whether or not they are Christians, they will benefit from the discussions about how Christian values and principles can engage their lives in a positive and constructive manner.


Hannah Eagleson

I love building the ecosystem Christian scholars need to flourish and create positive impacts. I’m the Associate Director of InterVarsity's Emerging Scholars Network (ESN). We're a digital first ministry that connects Christian scholars to the ideas, communities, and public voice they need in their early careers.

In my role with Emerging Scholars Network, I also launched the student/early career track at the American Scientific Affiliation annual faith and science conference (cosponsored by InterVarsity ESN). The conference is one of the best-established faith and science conferences in the US, attracting speakers such as Francis Collins and Katharine Hayhoe.

I’m also the editor of _Science and Faith: Student Questions Explored_ (Hendrickson, 2019). Created for and with InterVarsity graduate groups, this book pairs scientific and theological experts with actual student questions. Authors include award winning physicist Robert Kaita, Faraday Institute’s Ruth Bancewicz, and IVPress science and faith authors Greg Cootsona and Gerald Rau.

My own PhD is in Renaissance literature, from the University of Delaware. I also hold an MA in liberal arts from St. John’s College in Annapolis (MD).


Friday6:00-7:00pm PST / 4:00-5:00pm HST

Optional Meet & Greet Time (more details to come)

7:00-8:15pm PST / 5:00-6:15pm HST

Session 1: Being All of Yourself: Why Connect Your Faith & Your Academic Work?

Do you ever feel like two different people, one at grad school and a different one in your faith communities? We’ll explore why it matters, to you and the world, to bring those two identities together. Start charting a path to how to connect your faith and your work in a nuanced way.

8:15-9:00pm PST / 6:15-7:00pm HST

After Party

Saturday10:30-11:45am PST / 8:30-9:45am HST

Session 2: How Many Ways Can You Be a Christian Scholar? Connecting Faith & Your Field

Does Jesus care about engineering? English literature? Psychology? Can what you do all day show you more about God? We’ll explore different models for what your work can say to your faith in different field areas, and what your faith can say to your work.

11:45am-12:30pm PST / 9:45-10:30am HST

Lunch Fellowship

12:30-1:45pm PST / 10:30-11:45am HST

Session 3: Hopeful Thriving, Long-Term Impact

What could your work look like in 30 years? We’ll practice imaginative hope together as we share stories, ideas, and hopes for how you can thrive and how your work can impact the world for good.

1:45-3:00pm PST / 11:45am-1:00pm HST

Workshops & Activities (more details to come)

7:00-8:15pm PST / 5:00-6:15pm HST

Optional hangout


Please note that the actual cost of the conference is higher than the registration fee. The fees are subsidized by ministry partners and alum who have contributed to the area and chapters' scholarship funds. But we do not want conference costs to be an obstacle for participation, so additional scholarship will be available. Please ask your staff for scholarship discount codes before you register.

  • Funds will be transferred from staff or area account.

  • Funds will be transferred from staff or area account.

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