West Coast Faculty Conference

Returning from Exile, Rebuilding the Ruins

What do you do when your work, your marriage, your finances, your family, your spiritual life, your kids' education, and your mental health are such a big hot mess that you don't even know where to begin?

Your faculty peers have planned this conference with these questions in mind. We recognize that we’ve moved from mere disappointment to experiences of exile and loneliness in the second year of this pandemic. With a lot of rubble before us, we know rebuilding is ahead and we anticipate that rebuilding will involve a complicated mix of joy, sobriety, grief, hope, anxiety, and elation. Our hope is that our time together will give you resources from scripture, from spiritual practices, and Christian academic community that will aid in your endurance. 

Our time together will be grounded in a study of Nehemiah. We will focus on connection with God, community with other faculty, and an in-depth scripture study in small groups.

For more details about the conference, you can visit the WCFC website.


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